Belle Jones Replies

Greetings! Welcome to my new blog site.  The purpose of this site is to examine issues in popular culture, both serious and frivolous– and to elicit discussion.

Something I have noticed over the past decade is that with the proliferation of social media, people have been able to express themselves immediately and to an audience that they never would have had access to previously.   In addition, we have the success of Reality TV where (supposedly) “ordinary people”  are living their lives on camera for our edification and their financial enrichment.     Social Media and reality tv have their pros–entrepreneurship, fresh ideas, and ide exposure–however they are definitely not without their cons– violence, irresponsible speech, etc.

The world is changing and with that change comes a lot of growing pains. I  think that with dialogue, we as people can transcend differences, reach a greater understanding of each other and bring attention to atrocities.




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